with Anja and Spiro  6– 13 january 2020

Join us for a deeply warming experience, both activating the energy from inside through daily practice and melting our bodies under the golden sun, in the poetic nature of Lanzarote.

Being surrounded by refreshing, stunning nature, away from daily demands and nurtured with health supporting food, relaxes the body at the core and open the senses. An invitation for  presence and inner joy.  

In the morning there will be Qigong with Spiros. A practice with calm movements and conscious breathing, to connect to our inner power and achieve equilibrium.

A set of Baduanjin gong, Neigong and Taijigong, for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

In the afternoon there will be Hatha yoga practice with Anja, relaxed, yet powerful. The aim is to explore our infinite potential using asanas, pranayama and Meditation for purification and inner strength. Working with the body, to unlock mental and emotional knots.

Anja and Spiros are experienced teachers who can guide you to the next step. Beginners and intermediate practitioners are welcome.

Price of 1240 euro includes 7 days of accommodation, 2 big meals per day, 2 h Qigong and 2 h yoga daily.

Travel expenses is covered by the participant. We are helpful with suggestions.

Please contact Anja for more information on tel 0047 45617887 or